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    VisitMariposa Community Forum
    Looking for Old Friends
        Daughter of John & Jean Rarig
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I ran across the following 2006 post.  I am trying to contact the daughter of John Rarig who may still reside in your community.   My father Gurney Bell was the bass singer in The Sportsmen Quartet.  John Rarig was also a member and arranger for that group.  Memories are fading and I can't remember Mr. Rarig's daughters name but I am trying hard to reunite the kids of this once famous singing group.   My brothers were close to her brother Robin Rarig many years ago.  I would very much appreciate any information you can give me or pass this request on if you are able to do so.

Thank you!
| Posted on: 5:57 am on May 28, 2006 | IP

Well, I'm still at a loss as to a concert named after John Rarig. It may have been one isolated performance dedicated in his honor. He also, almost right up until his death, played piano at local events and restaurants so another possibility is that it was one of those performances.

As to Jean... yes, it is true that she passed away this last December. She was a warm, gracious lady with a ready smile who will be missed. Yes, I knew John (casually.) He was a very distinguished gentleman.  John and Jean's daughter still resides in the area.  She inherited a wonderful personality and musical talents from her parents and would most likely be more than happy to fill in any gaps.  I would be happy to pass along your contact information if you so desire."

Total Posts: 2 | Joined Feb. 2012 | Posted on: 12:39 pm on Feb. 15, 2012 | IP

Hello Dru. John's daughter is still in the area. I will pass along your message and your email address (if it's alright with you.)

Total Posts: 25 | Joined N/A | Posted on: 6:40 pm on Feb. 15, 2012 | IP

Thank you for your quick response!  Yes please give her my e-mail address so we can reconnect.  Thanks.

Total Posts: 2 | Joined Feb. 2012 | Posted on: 9:12 am on Feb. 16, 2012 | IP

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