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    Lodging Info Please
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Please boycott the Yosemite Bug Hostel in Midpines, California because they are so BAD to their employees!!

They hire local kids to do dirty work then fire them for no reason (4 people that I know personally.) One of them was such a good worker that they kept calling him back and rehiring him (with raises), only to fire him a couple of weeks later when business would slow.  The latest person I know of had worked there for two weeks - always being told how great he was doing. Suddenly, they call and tell him he doesn't have to work one of the nights that he had been scheduled. The next scheduled day he shows up and they tell him he wasn't supposed to be there but, okay work anyway. Then halfway through the day the guy who initially interviewed him for the job tells him that they are planning on firing him. WTF?

I know the economy is bad and getting worse in some places but tourists need to know these things because places that treat their employees badly eventually treat their customers the same!!

Total Posts: 2 | Joined April 2008 | Posted on: 11:02 am on April 27, 2008 | IP

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