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        Where Can I present a history program?
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I will be passing through our Hwy. 49 the first two weeks of August '06.  

I am looking for places to present music history programs / play hammered dulcimer music.  

Also, looking for hotels to stay where there is room outside or indoors to play music in the evenings.

Hope to hear some good ideas from you!  Thank you!   See you soon!


Bea and Jim,
Hammered Dulcimer and Guitar
Traditional American and Celtic Music

Total Posts: 1 | Joined June 2006 | Posted on: 2:41 pm on June 16, 2006 | IP

Hi Bea, from the little info you've shared, it sounds like a really interesting program. You might try contacting either the Mariposa County Museum and History Center at (209) 966-2924 or the Mariposa County Arts Council at (209) 966-3155. I am thinking that one or the other would be delighted for the chance to present such a program.

As to a motel, I'm not sure if you mean a motel with a venue or just a porch or common area where you can practice.  If you mean the latter, I think most of the motels in town have some area that could be used that way.

If it's a venue that you're seeking, River Rock Inn does have a large patio area on which they present bands (another performing option for you?) You can contact them at (209) 966-5793 (ask for Vicki - the owner.)

Total Posts: 25 | Joined N/A | Posted on: 3:23 pm on June 16, 2006 | IP

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