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        lookin for some land
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Looking for some land in mariposa

If some one can help me ,with what are the good parts of mariposa and the parts to stay away from

 thank you  GUS

Total Posts: 2 | Joined Nov. 2001 | Posted on: 9:18 pm on Nov. 11, 2001 | IP

Hi Gus, and welcome to the forum!

Well, as to your land question it depends on what you want.  Safety isn't much of an issue since most places in Mariposa are considered fairly safe so that only leaves land type and Mariposa County is extremely varied (running from hilly rangeland in Catheys Valley to the mountainous areas that front Yosemite National Park).  Basically, it's finding what you will be comfortable with.  Personally, I like the more mountainous areas covered with pine trees which puts me in the elevations above Mariposa but, I have friends that would go crazy where I live because those big trees also block the sun!  Another consideration is how far from "civilization"  you feel comfortable with.  It is sometimes possible to find a parcel that fronts BLM land making it seem to be out in the wilderness.  But, those parcels come with the price of being 30 minutes or more from Mariposa (and its attendant schools, healthcare and grocery stores) and, yes, also means dealing with the occasional bear or bobcat.  Also, those more rugged parcels also experience harder winters.  A general rule of thumb to employ is the farther from town one lives the longer one will wait for power to be restored after a weather-caused outage, and the longer one will wait for snowplows.  Closer to town means more amenities yet less of either the pine or rangeland feel and, usually, less privacy.  But, on the pro side living in town means public utilities, i.e., water and sewer.  

So, the question for you is, what kind of land do you envision for yourself?  Obviously, for building you don't want rocky soil (and by rocky I mean boulder outcroppings). Also, land on the top of a mountain makes for great privacy but all of your building costs will increase as it will cost more to run electricity to remote areas as well as probably requiring a much, much deeper well to be dug.

Whatever the type of area you decide upon look for usability.  A 100 acre parcel is great but, if only 2 acres are usable then you might want to reconsider - unless, of course, you're looking for that privacy thing.

The local Board of Realtors, as well as most of the real estate agents, have their listings posted online.  Take some time and look through those and see what "looks like home".  Compile a list and then come and see the areas for yourself.

You can find the real estate links by clicking on DIRECTORY in the navigation bar on the left side of this page, then Business and Economy > Real Estate.

Good luck on your search!!

Total Posts: 25 | Joined N/A | Posted on: 10:21 pm on Nov. 11, 2001 | IP

wow !!! what a reply
thanks mariposa 1
ive been there lookin 4 times now and iam not sure if iam any closer to finding the part of town i like best
but i will be back at it soon , GUS

thanks for the tips

Total Posts: 2 | Joined Nov. 2001 | Posted on: 6:36 pm on Nov. 12, 2001 | IP

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