ariposa's location and climate make it the ideal setting for a host of activities sure to please everyone!

So, what can you do in Mariposa?

Not much. . .

just . . .

With Yosemite National Park less than forty miles away, every outdoor experience you plan is sure to be spectacular.  For up-to-date Park information check the official Yosemite National Park Web Site.


The gold country has always been known for the treasure it yields and that's exactly what awaits the intrepid antiquer!  Small antique shops abound throughout Mariposa County providing adventurers into the past an outlet.  Antiques and collectibles await the knowing eye and who knows what treasures await you!


To really experience the grandeur and majesty of Yosemite a backpack trip is a must!  Get away from the cars and the buildings to experience Yosemite as it really is!  The Yosemite Association conducts guided trips with various topical emphases. Call (209) 379-2321.


Biking trails abound on the Yosemite Valley Floor and there's nothing more exhilirating than cycling in the shadow of world-famous El Capitan.  Bring your own bike to Yosemite or rent one from Yosemite Concession Services (209) 372-1200.


Like the picnic areas that can be found along Highway 140,  plentiful, too, are the campgrounds.  A facility can be found to match every taste and budget.  Telephone numbers are given for each facility cited and advanced reservations are strongly recommended for each.

In the town of Mariposa, Campground accomodations can be had at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds.  Call (209)  966-2432

Just a short eight miles above Mariposa on Highway 140 is the tiny hamlet of Midpines where the Yosemite Bug Hostel is located. off of Highway 140. Lodging and food, as well as activities, music, and events to delight the visitor. Call (209) 966-6666 for information.

Indian Flat RV Park is located just outside the entrance to Yosemite in the small community of El Portal.  Call (209)  379-2339

A variety of campsites, scattered throughout Yosemite are available for the avid outdoorsman.  Be forewarned, however, that they fill up quickly so early reservation is a must (especially for holidays and other popular times).  Call (209)  372-8502

BLM Campgrounds
A plethora of BLM campgrounds dot Mariposa County. Always check with BLM regarding access and availability.


Mariposa is ideal for explorers!  Quiet country roads meander through gorgeous, and ever changing, scenery.

Drive yourself, or leave the driving to VIA Adventures (Gray Line Bus Service).  Call (800)  369-7275


Designated a scenic river, Merced River (with all year catch & release fishing), meanders along Highway 140 above Mariposa to the delight of anglers of all ages.  It eventually feeds into Lake McClure, located just south of Coulterville, which (along with nearby Lake McSwain) serves up a water enthusiast's mecca.


Millions of dollars worth of gold has been taken out of "them thar hills" but much still remains.  There are still many active mines in the area, and gold panning along local streams thrives as an activity enjoyed by locals and visitors, alike.


Yosemite is the hikers dream!  Hikers of every fitness level will find majestic mountains and waterfalls towering over world-renowned hiking trails and footpaths.  Or, beginning hikers, will find the country roads around Mariposa beautiful, yet still slightly challenging!


Pack a lunch, whistle a jaunty tune and experience Mariposa the way the '49ers did - on horseback.  For the equestrian, there's no other way to enjoy the countryside than by meandering along shaded paths with a trusty steed. 

Yosemite Stage and Turnpike Company (209) 966-2908 Wawona Stables (209) 375-6502


Picnic areas line Highway 140 from Cathey's Valley, through Mariposa, El Portal and into Yosemite Park.  Whether you're stopping for a bite to eat before heading into the Park, or taking the day to explore the gold country, pleasant vistas await you and your lunch.



Adrenalin pumping, cold water splashing and the sound of your own heart's beating in your ears!  Those who raft say it's the only way to experience the area.

Commercial whitewater rafting companies operating on the Merced River are licensed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Call (209) 372-8341 or the Mariposa County Visitors Bureau at (209) 966-2456 or follow this link


Just need time to rest and get away from it all?  Mariposa County is the place to go.  Hotels, Motels and Bed and Breakfast Inns proliferate throughout this beautiful county.  Call the Mariposa County Visitors Bureau at (209) 966-2456 or click here for a listing of establishments.

Rock Climber


For the truly adventurous souls who love to test their limits, Yosemite abounds with big walls of granite "rocks" to tempt you.

For more information call the Yosemite Mountaineering School. 

Summer ~ (209) 372-8435
Winter ~ (209) 372-8344


Rock hounds everywhere will appreciate the geologic splendour and variety that Mariposa County presents.  Spend your day studying the strata, visit a few rock shops and then end your day with a tour of the California State Mining and Mineral Museum.

Winter paradise


For Winter skiing, Badger Pass presents pristine ski trails for skiers of all levels, as well as a ski school for those hoping to take up the sport. Highway 140 through Mariposa is open all year round and is the perfect avenue for your travels.

Call (209) 372-8430

Lake McClure

For Summer water skiing, Mariposa's Lake McClure presents one of the best aquatic experiences.  Rolling hills surround this man-made lake with idyllic tranquility.  Houseboats are also available for rent.

Call (209) 378-2441


No matter what you like to do for "fun," Mariposa County has it all! If you would like a visitors brochure to learn more about the county you may call the Mariposa Visitors Bureau at (209) 966-3685, or the Mariposa Chamber of Commerce at (209) 966-2456.

See you when you visit!