Then and Now

It is amazing how many times we hear from people who have moved away and returned only to be surprised to see how unchanged Mariposa is.  Growth in Mariposa has been deliberately slow in order to maintain the town's charm and ambiance.  So, presented to you here are images of Mariposa; some then...some now.


Mariposa from a hill above town where now resides the County Park.  In the distance is the spire of the Courthouse.

Photo taken by C. Bierstadt and is from a stereoptican card in the collection.

Circa 1910

Facing east on Highway 140 through downtown Mariposa - now known as the historic district.

Image is from a postcard in the collection.

Circa 1940-1950?

Again facing east on Highway 140 but this time before entering town. 

Image is from a postcard in the collection.